Hawaiian Haze Hemp Flower


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Hawaiian Haze CBD Hemp Flower

Hawaiian Haze Hemp Flower

Hawaiian Haze is a tropical and exotic CBD strain that lives up to its name by providing you with fresh and uplifting sensations.

Given its name, it’s easy to believe that this strain originates from the Aloha State of Hawaii. That may however, not be true.

Hawaiian Haze is quickly becoming one of the most popular CBD flowers on the market. People are increasingly looking for terpene rich and flavorful hemp flower that allows them to stay sharp and focused throughout the daytime.

Hawaiian Haze is a potent and sharp  strain with quick acting effects.

You’ll likely feel the effects going to your head at first, melting away anxiety and blockages. This in turn can make you feel comfortable, confident and ready for social engagements.

Most people get talkative and energized when smoking Hawaiian Haze which is why it’s not recommended to smoke right before bedtime.

Common use cases for Hawaiian Haze are;

Social anxiety

Flavor Profile
Like we said earlier, Hawaiian Haze lives up to its name by having a very exotic and tropical flavor profile. You’ll taste pungent waves for pineapple, fermented fruit and mango.

On the exhale you’ll notice a slight hint of spiced peppers, pine and citrus.

Though it does have a spiced touch, it is not potent or harsh. HH should be experienced as a fairly smooth smoke that tickles your senses enchants your tastebuds.

Dominant terpenes:

  • Caryophyllene
  • Myrcene
  • Pinene

Taking a whiff of Hawaiian Haze will send you to a tropical paradise. The aromas come in complex waves of nuanced scents that hit you one after the next.

First you’ll get a sour pineapple scent that floods into freshly cut mango and pine. After the sweet and sour aromas taper down, you’ll get a light floral finish.

Hawaiian Haze legal buds are bright green with orange and yellow hairs. The buds themselves are not very dense but can actually be a bit airy and delicate.

Buds are usually quite easy to breakup with your fingers but in some cases the sticky trichomes make a grinder a better choice.

Hawaiian Haze Hemp Flower

Hawaiian Haze  mostly contains Indica strains, and it is trendy for its relaxing effects. It is a mix that produces relaxing results with its light, airy buds, and orange hairs that. This strain has a high CBD content, and users rave about its effects of easing tension and stresses almost instantly. Hawaiian Haze CBD has citrus and earthy smell paired with an acquired taste of smoke, pepper, mangos, and pine.

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Hawaiian Haze Hemp Flower

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