Delta 10 Vape Cartridge

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Delta 10 Vape Cartridge

Hemp-Derived Delta-10 Full Gram Vape Cartridge

All Natural Hemp Terpenes D10

Delta 10 Vape Cartridge Strains:

  • Skittlez has a sweet but sour flavor that tastes like your favorite candy.
  • OG Kush has an earthy and gassy flavor that packs a punch. After a few hits, the aroma fills the room.
  • Headband is a potent savory flavor with a hint of citrus zest. The relaxing effects and vibes are quick to onset.
  • Watermelon OG is sugary sweetness watermelon with some gassy notes.
  • Girl Scout Cookies has flowery but cookie-like aromas. It smells and tastes like vanilla cookies.
  • Super Lemon Haze provides relief and a balanced mood. Lemon-lime citrus is the flavor profile because of high limonene terpene content.
  • Jelly Donut – has a deliciously sweet and fruity taste with hints of mint and earthy flavors. Its potent long-lasting effects are calming and euphoric.

Delta 10 Vape Cartridge Usage:

D10 is more of an uplifting and euphoric effect than D8. The potency of Delta-10 is immense, D8 has been shown to have more of an indica feel in comparison to D10 which can feel closer to a sativa head high.

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Skittlez, OG Kush, Headband, Watermelon OG, Super Lemon Haze, Girl Scout Cookies, Jelly Doughnut


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