Delta 10 Gummies - Delta-10 THC Distillate


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Delta 10 Gummies – 25mg Delta 10

Hemp derived cannabinoid-infused edibles.

Our brand new formulation of Delta 10 Gummies deliver a cerebral high with an emphasis on energy. The effects are similar to a “Sativa High” that doesn’t put you to sleep.

Delta 10 Gummies Usage:

The suggested serving size for a typical consumer is approximately one gummy, however, it is recommended that those who may be more sensitive to the effects of THC start with half a gummy. Delta 10 gummy potency can last around 5-8 hours. It takes anywhere from half-hour to an hour and a half for the effects to become apparent, however, onset times may vary based on one’s digestive system. The maximum effects often set in two to three hours post-consumption. It is recommended to wait no less than three hours before altering dosages.

D10 is more of an uplifting and euphoric effect than D8. The potency of Delta-10 is immense, D8 has been shown to have more of an indica feel in comparison to D10 which can feel closer to a sativa head high.

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Gummie Flavor

Blueberry Squares, Blue Raspberry Squares, Green Apple Squares, Lemonade Squares, Pineapple Squares, Plum Squares, Raspberry Squares, Strawberry Squares, Tropical Mix Squares, Watermelon Squares

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10 Gummies, 20 Gummies


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