Moon Rocks

Lifting Off with Moon Rocks: A Complete Guide to Cannabis Caviar

When you start to dabble in high quality cannabis, you’ll quickly realize there’s so much more to botanicals than joints. Sure, there’s a time and a place for a nice simple doobie. But if you really want to elevate your experience to the next level, dabbling in moon rocks is the next step. Also known as cannabis caviar, moon rocks are on the menu of every connoisseur and combine three of our favorite things – cannabis flower, extracts and kief.

How are moon rocks made?

These aptly named little nuggets are essentially chunks of cannabis buds dipped in extracts, then rolled in kief. Not only do moon rocks look like something that’s tumbled down from outer space, but they’re named after the interstellar high you’ll get from smoking a morsel of premium cannabis flower, dipped in concentrated extract and rolled in a crumbly mix of marijuana resin glands, aka kief. Moon rocks really are a triple whammy.
Here’s where things start to get interesting. While traditional moon rocks are heavy on the Delta-9 THC and can result in an intense mind and body high, our Delta-8 infused moon rocks do things a little differently. They still get you to the moon, just not on a SpaceX rocket. Instead, you’ll enjoy a mellow and clear-headed flight, with all the euphoria and none of the negative side effects.

What are moon rocks made out of?

Intrigued? We don’t blame you. Read on as we dig a little deeper into the world of Delta-8 moon rocks and why they should be on your wishlist. We’ll start with an overview of each element – cannabis flower, extracts and kief.

   Cannabis flower
Cannabis flowers make up the bulk of a moon rock, with the blooms trimmed, dried and cured before being rolled into nuggets. Quality is key, which is why we use only the finest hand-trimmed CBD to roll our Cannessentials™ moon rocks nuggets.

Once we’ve shaped our nugs we dip them in ultra-premium Delta-8 extract. Our Cannessentials™ distillate tests above 95%, making it one of the purest and most potent Delta-8 extracts out there. This gives the cannabis flower an extra punch and also creates a good amount of stickiness to help secure the kief.

Next up is a dusting of kief, a crumbly substance made up of marijuana resin glands and collected when processing hemp flower. As well as being packed with cannabinoids, kief is rich in the terpenes that give cannabis its unique flavor and taste profiles. What do moon rocks taste like? When smoking moon rocks, you’ll notice a rich and flavorful taste you might not have experienced before. The aroma is mild and velvety, with hints of almond, cream and notes of citrus. You’ll also notice the smoke clouds are thicker and more luscious, another perk of moon rocks.
We coat our Cannessentials™ moon rocks in pure Cannabigerol (CBG) kief derived from hemp flower. One of more than 100 cannabinoid compounds found in the Cannabis plant, CBG is a non-psychoactive with a slew of therapeutic properties. Our kief is blonde and powdery, with the distinctive shimmer synonymous with quality. Not only do our moon rocks pack a punch but they’re also seriously pretty.

How strong are moon rocks?

Moon rock potency can vary hugely so it’s important to do your research and consume in a way that’s safe and responsible. We’re completely committed to transparency, which is why we publish our lab reports directly to our website. This means you can enjoy your moon rocks with complete insight into what you’re consuming.

Are moon rocks harsh?

We’re the first to admit moon rocks have a pretty wild reputation and can sometimes be a little harsh for newbies. That said, our hemp-derived moon rocks are a lot milder than your typical Delta-9 heavy nuggets. Unlike regular rocks that will have you blasting off to space and possibly staying up there for the next 24 hours, our Delta-8 moon rocks keep things slow and mellow. We generally recommend starting off small and increasing your dose as needed.

How quickly does moon rock work?

Most moon rocks will start to kick into gear in around 30 minutes. The timeframe can be faster or longer depending on how strong your moon rocks are and how much experience you have with cannabis. Your high should linger for a good few hours, starting in the head and gradually trickling down your body and leave you feeling utterly euphoric. It’s a slow burn at first but once it kicks in, you’ll experience a high unlike any other.

Are moon rocks sativa or indica?

Whether your moon rocks are Sativa or Indica all depends on how they’re made. Our moon rocks are classed as Indica as they’re made from federally legal hemp, which contains less than 0.03% THC.
From our premium hand-trimmed CBD flower to our ultra-pure Delta-8 extract and CBG kief, Cannessentials™ moon rocks are derived exclusively from hemp. Not only does this make for a smother and more clear-headed high, but our moon rocks are also legal in most states.

Are moon rocks legal?

This leads us onto the next question, are moon rocks legal? Under the 2018 Farm Bill, cannabis plants containing less than 0.03% THC are legal to grow in most US states. Plants with THC concentrations of 0.03% are considered hemp and can be used to make anything from clothing to moon rocks. Sativa plants have higher THC concentrations, making them controlled substances in most US states.

Are moon rocks safe?

Moon rocks do have a big reputation but that doesn’t mean they’re unsafe. When you smoke Cannessentials™ moon rocks you’re enjoying a product made with laboratory approved cannabis flower, extracts and kief. This offers you total peace of mind and makes our moon rocks much safer than products you may find elsewhere. We publish all our lab reports online, making it easy to know exactly what’s going into your pipe.