Delta 8 Lavender CBG Hemp Flower


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Delta 8 Lavender CBG Hemp Flower

Hemp flower that is coated in CBG kief. Potent yet very powerful and packs a serious punch! Its citrus and floral aromas make it one of our favorites.

Benefits of Delta 8 Lavender CBG Hemp Flower

  • Analgesic ( pain reliever).
  • Antibacterial (slows bacterial growth).
  • Anti-convulsive (reduces seizures & convulsions).
  • Anti-inflammatory (reduces inflammation).
  • Anti-insomnia (aids in sleep).
  • Anti-proliferative (inhibits cancer cell growth).
  • Antidepressant (raises the mood).
  • Bone stimulant (promotes healthy bone growth).
  • Brain cell stimulant (promotes neuron development).
  • Appetite stimulant (increases the appetite). 


COA Lavender CBG Hemp Flower
Delta 8 Lavender CBG Hemp Flower COA

Delta-8 has been shown to be roughly 70% as effective as Delta-9, this means the end results are very similar and beneficial! Many prefer to employ Delta-8 like a sleeping aid and relaxer whilst others use Delta-9 to enhance energy and imagination. The impact of D8 might be euphoric and tension relieving without nervousness or paranoia.

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3.5 Grams, 7 Grams, 14 Grams, 28 Grams


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