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  1. Sam Daniels

    This was a BIG help for my big boy! He’s a 9-year-old yellow lab that’s about 85 lbs. Was having a hard time walking up the stairs, hips falling out from underneath him. I’ve been giving him about half a dropper which has allowed him to get up our front stairs much easier. Highly recommended!

  2. Emma Beckett

    My 4-year-old kitty is recovering from a leg strain. This has been very helpful for her.

  3. Jordan Thomas

    My cocker spaniel is SUPER nervous…very anxious generally, shakes when it thunderstorms outside – nevermind fireworks, he goes nuts and can’t come out from under the bed for hours. His nerves are calmed with this and I’ll apply more or less depending if we have things going on. Usually I’ll give him a half dropper just to start his day. I’ve noticed a clear difference in how (not) anxious he is.

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