Vaping has reimagined the way we enjoy cannabis, replacing carcinogenic smoke with smoother, more lung-friendly vapor. As well as gaining traction for its health benefits, vaping devices have won the attention of herb aficionados chasing flavor, aroma, and unique terpenes. These are what give cannabis strains their distinctive characteristics and are responsible for descriptions like woody, tropical, spicy, sugary and citrusy. 

Cartridges are a key component of vaping devices, allowing you to harness the therapeutic properties of botanicals with the click of a button. While delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (often shortened to simply THC) has dominated the industry for years, its hemp-derived cousin Delta-8 has now stormed onto the scene and is making waves with its smooth, clear-headed highs and subtle psychoactive effects. 

Vaping is one of the absolute best ways to enjoy cannabis and Delta-8 is no exception. 

How vape pens work

Before we dive into the specifics of Delta-8 cartridges, let’s take a look at how vape pens work and why they should be in the arsenal of every cannabis connoisseur. 

Like pipes, bongs and rolling paper, vape pens are vessels that allow you to extract the goodness of botanicals like cannabis and tobacco. While all use heat to release chemical components, vapes have one major difference – there’s no combustion. Vaping devices eliminate the need for fire and smoke, which means you’re not inhaling tar, carbon monoxide and other toxins. Instead, cannabinoids are delivered to your lungs via vapor.


What is a Delta 8 cartridge?

Cartridges are an all-important component as they contain your active ingredient of choice – Delta8. Usually made from heat-resistant glass, cartridges are pre-filled with cannabinoid-enriched oil. When placed in a vaping device, cartridges are heated with a built-in battery which activates chemical components in the oil and delivers it to the lungs in the form of vapor. 

Is Delta 8 carts legal?

Yes. All our products are above-board and this includes our best-selling Delta 8 carts. Unlike Delta-9-THC, which is derived from marijuana, Delta-8-THC is derived from hemp. Legal to grow in almost all US states, hemp is packed with naturally occurring Delta-8-THC. While D8 can also be extracted from marijuana, its origins in a controlled substance make it illegal. 

Thankfully, new technologies have made it much easier to extract D8 from hemp. This allows us to produce government-approved, laboratory-tested Delta 8 carts that deliver all the benefits of botanicals without the legal risks. 

Are Delta 8 carts good?

Molecularly speaking, Delta-8 is almost identical to Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, the grandaddy of cannabinoids. Delta-9 is so popular that you’ll often hear it referred to simply as THC, despite the fact that it’s not the only tetrahydrocannabinol out there. So what’s the difference and are Delta 8 carts real? While the pair share many similarities, a few small but important molecular variations give Delta-8 some dope qualities. 

Here’s some of the main reasons why you’ll love D8:

Smoother, more clear-headed highs

Euphoria without the intense head and body buzz of Delta-9 THC

Doesn’t compromise energy levels or productivity

Less paranoia and anxiety

Does Delta 8 have carts?

You bet it does. Vape carts are one of the absolute best ways to enjoy cannabis products and we’re passionate about ensuring all Americans can get their hands on these little glass beauties. Is Delta 8 vape safe? Absolutely. While you can certainly smoke Delta-8 using conventional methods like a pre-rolled joint, vaping does away with combustion and uses heat-generated mist to extract the goodness of D8. 

How long does a Delta 8 cart last?

Delta-8 carts are sold by volume which means lifespan is based entirely on usage. To put it into perspective, it’s like asking how long does a jar of Nutella last? Ultimately, it all depends on your personal vaping habits. And yes, with scrumptious flavors like Jelly Donut and Girl Scout Cookie on the table self-control might be a factor. Trust us, you’re going to want more. 

What we often hear from customers is that a one-gram Delta-8 cartridge will usually last around a month, with usage varying from a few hits a day, two to three times a week. Most one-gram D8 cartridges offer approximately 300 seconds of inhalation time, which equates to around five minutes. The average inhalation time is around three seconds, depending on how deep you like to inhale. So, it’s safe to say you’ll get around 100 inhalations from each D8 cartridge. If you use D8 for sleep and take two puffs a night before bed, your cartridge should last you just under two months.  

Does Delta 8 THC carts get you high?

While Delta-8 carts will definitely get you high it may not be the lift you’re used to. The cannabinoid is less potent than Delta-9 and has gentler psychotropic properties, making it ideal for daytime use and pre-bed puffs.  

As an all-natural, plant-based product the effects of Delta 8 can vary from person to person. When vaping Delta 8 THC carts, around two to three puffs should give you a high of between 30 minutes to an hour. Like Delta-9, CBD and other cannabis compounds, D8 interacts with Endocannabinoid System (ECS) receptors that regulate the body’s natural state. These include CB1 and CB2 receptors, which regulate mood, pain, appetite, blood pressure and inflammation. It’s these interactions that give Delta-8 the therapeutic properties we know and love.

Are Delta 8 carts worth it

If you’re chasing a smoother high that promises all the euphoria of D9 but without the haze, Delta 8 is your cannabinoid. Around 70% as potent as Delta9, the cannabinoid offers the same euphoric high as its well-known cousin but without the intense head buzz. If you’re sensitive to the anxiety and paranoia that can sometimes come with cannabis, Delta8 can be a game-changing alternative. 

So back to carts. These pocket-sized pods package up all that goodness into an easy-to-use vessel. We elevate the experience with a variety of custom D8 flavors, ranging from candy-inspired Skittlez with a sweet meets sour tang to OG Kush with its earthy, grassy tones that celebrate Mother Nature. Or maybe you’ll prefer the citrus undertones of Headband, the sugary sweetness of Watermelon OG or the fresh-baked, vanilla-scented aromas of Girl Scout Cookies.