CBD & Alcohol: Can They Mix?

cbd and alcohol

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding CBD or CBD oil products is whether or not it’s safe to mix with other substances. Usually the question is phrased as, “Can I have a beer plus CBD oil?” or “Can I have a cocktail plus CBD oil?” So, what is the relationship between CBD and alcohol?

It’s an excellent question to ask, as it’s always better to air on the side of caution when mixing supplements, foods, or any substances. In this article, we will provide some more information on the relationship between the two.

Is it recommended?

No, it is not recommended to mix CBD in alcohol or have a vodka martini plus CBD oil on the side. There has not been much research to date on the effects of mixing the two, but what data has been collected has shown that the compounds may exacerbate the effects of each other, and overall amplify the impairment of reflexes and perception of time.

One of the more significant studies on the effects of CBD and alcohol is understood to be outdated with subjects talking much higher amounts of CBD than what would be recommended today.

There is no data showing that it’s a toxic mix, but alcohol is a depressant and should always be ingested with caution. Mixing other substances, whether benign on their own or not, is not recommended as alcohol can be volatile when not consumed with restraint and caution.

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Could CBD be infused with Alcohol?

As we have discussed in previous blogs, CBD is a naturally occurring substance extracted from the cannabis plant. CBD is extracted predominantly from hemp, and then it’s typically mixed with some type of carrier oil or other substance for consumption purposes.

CBD is popularly used in food products, creams, sprays, and capsules. And, new integrations of the compound are popping up every day.

Of course, as CBD gets notoriety for its health & wellness benefits and as it has become federally legal across all 50 states, all types of industries are looking to capitalize on it.

Large alcohol companies such as Anheuser-Busch InBev have recently begun investing tons of capital into research to see where they hope to create entirely new products that include CBD.

Today, there are no prepackaged CBD-infused alcoholic beverages available on the market. The Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) has made it clear that it will follow what the Food and Drug Administration deems appropriate for mass consumption, and right now CBD is not permitted in food or dietary supplements in the United States.

Large alcohol producers and conglomerates are currently working to manufacture non-alcoholic CBD-infused drinks. These drinks are currently being rolled out for availability in Canada, but not in the US. With that being said the FDA is working on reevaluating CBD as a substance, and in the future, it could be an approved dietary supplement.

Anheuser-Busch and other large stakeholders are betting that CBD is approved for infusion in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Can CBD help with Alcohol Problems?

The research and data we have available today on consuming moderate amounts of alcohol and moderate amounts of CBD in the same sitting are virtually non-existent. Hopefully, more studies will be conducted in the future.

But, there has been some interesting research made on how CBD can help treat alcohol addiction and other negative side effects of too much alcohol consumption.

Multiple studies have been conducted on rodents to test the validity of CBD as a treatment for damage to cells from excessive alcohol consumption.

One study found that rats who had brain-cell damage from excessive alcohol consumption found aid from CBD gel. The gel was placed on selected rats’ skin, and those rats who received the gel had up to a 49% reduction in cellular damage compared to those that didn’t.

This is a long way from being proven to have positive effects on neurodegeneration in humans, but it’s an exciting starting point.

Another study found that CBD helped to treat rats who had alcohol addictions. CBD was given to the alcohol-addicted rats and they showed signs of decreased motivation to seek out alcohol, and it reduced their alcohol intake overall.

Some Closing Thoughts on CBD and Alcohol

Until more modern studies are conducted and made public, the data for the effects of CBD and alcohol cannot give us clear answers on safe consumption.

Most of the human-focused science on the combination is outdated at this time, so it’s best to observe caution and leave the alcohol and CBD for different uses and occasions.

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